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    Indonesia's Changing Political Economy : Governing the Roads --

    Jamie S. Davidson / / /
    Cambridge University Press United Kingdom 2015
    xvii, 292 hlm. ; 23 cm. Bahasa:English

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    Jamie S. Davidson. Indonesia's Changing Political Economy : Governing the Roads. United Kingdom:Cambridge University Press, 2015. (330.9598 JAM i)

    Indonesia is Southeast Asia's largest economy and freest democracy, yet vested interests and local politics serve as formidable obstacles to infrastructure reform. In this critical analysis of the politics inhibiting infrastructure investment, Jamie S. Davidson utilizes evidence from his research, press reports, and rarely used consultancy studies to challenge mainstream explanations for low investment rates and the sluggish adoption of liberalizing reforms. He argues that obstacles have less to do with weak formal institutions and low fiscal capacities of the state than with entrenched rent seeking interests, misaligned central-local government relations, and state-society struggles over land. Using a political sociological approach, Davidson demonstrates that getting the politics right matters as much as getting the prices right or putting the proper institutional safeguards in place for infrastructure development. This innovative account and its conclusions will be of interest to students and scholars of Southeast Asia and policymakers fro infrastructure investment and economic growth

    Kata Kunci : Politik Ekonomi, Ekonomi Indonesia, Situasi Ekonomi

    Table of Content
    * Infrastructure investment and institutions: conceptual concerns and debate
    * Legacies of New Order governance
    * Raising rates, raising capital, losing control
    * Big push thwarted
    * Ownership
    * Local perspectives

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